In General:

We prefer to receive art in a high res digital format via email.
Art can be saved in a PDF, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop, or Illustrator file.

Please make sure that:
Your art is sized 300 dpi or higher.
All fonts are rasterized.
If Pantone matching is required, please specify all PMS #s.
If possible, please put each color on its own layer.

If you only have a hard copy version of your artwork:
We can scan and prepare your hard copy art. You can mail it to us or drop it off at the shop.

If you only have a low resolution version of your artwork:
We offer image vectorization for $20/image.
This is required if you only have your image in a low resolution version.

If you have no artwork at all yet, just an idea:
We offer creative design services. If you are interested in having us design something for you, please email us with the specifics of your project.