What do you do?
We make custom screen printed garments for a diverse range of clients.

What is screen printing?
For more information on what screen printing is, please see:

Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, our minimum is 12 pieces per design.

Why does a design with multiple colors cost more to do than a design with only 1 color?
In screen printing, each separate color requires its own individual screen. Therefore, more colors means more set up time and materials, and that means more cost.

I want the same design on a few different colors and styles of shirts. Does this cost more?
You can mix and match shirt colors and sizes with the same design at no extra cost. We only ask that you limit the different style / colors to 10 per design.

I want the same print but with different ink colors on different shirts. Does this cost more?
Yes. There is a flat charge of $15 for each time you want to swap out the ink within any given job.

I don’t live in the Bay Area, can I still work with you?
Yes! Although we love doing work for local folks, we can ship shirts anywhere in the country. We have done work for clients all over the world.

I want to do my own printing. Can you make a screen for me?
Yes. We sell prepared screens for those that want to try their hand at printing at home. Contact us for details.